American-Made Portable Car Hoist

The Portable Car Hoist, is an American-Designed and American Manufactured system which makes vehicle maintenance convenient and lightning fast. This car hoist can go anywhere and takes just seconds for setup. The 2-post car hoist is the mainstay of the vehicle service industry! With an Portable Car Hoist 2-post hoist you will get quality, durability, and reliability. Every hoist has the features you need to make your shop more productive and your job easier. Pay close attention to the details, because we do.

Portable Car Hoist offers two-post hoist to accommodate light passenger cars all the way up to heavy-duty vehicles. We have a certified two-post hoist as well as many un-certified, but heavily tested, two-post hoist so you can feel safe working under a Portable Car Hoist. Call the professionals at Portable Car Hoist and we’ll help you select the right two-post Portable Car Hoist for you!

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